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The Advanced Dermal Filler and Botox training course is a one-day course hand-picked for medical professionals who already hold an introductory qualification. This training course is ideal for doctors, dentists, nurses, and surgeons seeking to advance their career in injectable aesthetics past the realms of their competitors. Suited for those seeking professional development and further opportunity for independent income, this advanced aesthetics course offers more complex techniques and treatment areas so that you may truly take advantage of the surge of interest in medical aesthetics. We offer training courses for teams, places for individual delegates, and one-on-one training, so there is truly an option to suit every medical professional seeking further medical aesthetics training in Nottingham and Derby.

What the Advanced Dermal Filler and Botox training course covers

  • Practical and supervised injecting on the day
  • How to consult and holistically advise a patient or client
  • Advanced injection techniques for dermal filler and Botox
  • Practical use of Botox for treating ‘bunny’ lines, brow lift, masseter, nerfititi lift, mouth corners, mentalis, jaw definition, and hyperhidrosis
  • Practical use of dermal filler for mid and lower face, cheeks, side vector, and jawline
  • How to provide client or patient aftercare support

Each successful delegate of our aesthetics training courses will receive a signed certificate to officiate their completion of the course and will be invited to our private online support group with fellow likeminded professionals. Every course, including the Advanced Dermal Filler and Botox Course, includes practical injecting and hands-on learning supervised by qualified trainer and independent nurse prescriber, Rosey Drewitt-Staples.

Why train with Pro Aesthetics Courses?

The rapid growth and innovation of medical aesthetics means aesthetic professionals need to be constantly up-to-date with developing techniques. At Pro Aesthetics Courses Nottingham, we are trained and experienced in the latest techniques to hit the market, so we can provide you with the best practice and freshest treatment uses for your business. Training independently in aesthetics means that you can broaden your horizons from public NHS work into private practise, delivering high-quality treatments at your own behest and flexible treatment hours. Many medical professionals have found that they enjoy the flexibility, popularity, and increased potential income after putting our taught skills into practice, and we have many happy delegates to evidence this.

Your training timetable
9am – registration and meeting with fellow delegates and your trainer, Rosey.
9:30am – Interactive lecture led by our qualified trainer and independent nurse prescriber that reviews basic injection techniques for Botox and dermal filler, correct patient selection, holistic considerations, advanced injecting techniques, and aftercare.
10:30am – Demonstrations of advanced Botox and Dermal Filler techniques
12:30pm – Break for lunch
1pm – Practical and supervised injecting session on live models using advanced and Botox dermal filler techniques learned that day.
Certificate presentation and team photo

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the aesthetics training take place?
We offer our one-day advanced aesthetics training from our private aesthetics clinic in Thrumpton, situated neatly between Derby and Nottingham. Our dedicated training and board room is equipped with its own lecture screen and treatment couch so that you may learn of and practice advanced injecting techniques in a safe and confidential environment.

Will I get to practice injecting on the day of the course?
Yes, we believe in the importance of supervised injecting during all of aesthetics training courses. Under the careful watch of our lead trainer, you will inject a live patient model in the aforementioned treatment areas using Botox and dermal filler so that we may assess your technique and help further your career in medical aesthetics.

Do you offer any support after completion of the course?
As well as a physical copy of everything discussed during the lecture, you will be invited to a private online group of other qualified Pro Aesthetics Courses delegates. Here, we offer advice, guidance, and support for all of our qualified delegates as well as a community of likeminded and welcoming medical professionals.

Do I need to bring my own model for the training?
It is preferred that you bring your own model, however should you struggle to find a suitable candidate then we can assist you in finding a suitable patient.

Will my training be recognised?
Pro Aesthetics Courses is an accredited and insured medical aesthetics training provider, so upon your successful completion of the course you will be recognised as a qualified aesthetics practitioner. You will receive a signed certificate to officiate your achievement. Once you have confirmed your insurance, you may begin your independent practice and start your career in medical aesthetics!

Which products and brands will I be trained in?
We only provide our delegates with high-quality injectable products to use on the training day, and advise that you also use these moving forwards. We use genuine Allergan Botox and Juvederm dermal fillers, both of which are widely recognised and reputable products.

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